Wednesday, 24 April 2013

International Female Motorcycle Ride Day

The seventh annual International Female Ride Day occurs this year on Friday 3 May.  Already record-breaking numbers of women motorcycle and scooter riders around the world are preparing to take part in the ride day.

Just Ride

International Female Ride Day is an all brands, and all motorcycle types event. Women who ride sport bikes, cruisers, tourers or scooters whether on road, off-road or track - and of all ages - take part. Get on your bikes, be out there and be visible is the object of the the exercise.

International Female Ride Day is a day to celebrate and highlight the growing numbers of women riders, while underlining the fun women share in the activity.

Vicki Gray founder of Motoress International Female Ride Day says:
“The enthusiasm from women riders this year is indescribable! The 2013 momentum began early even the facebook page and the group area buzz of networking activities. Not a day passes where we’re not made aware of a new happening or initiative either by individuals, clubs or the industry.  Its power is remarkable and truly what I had hoped it would become when I first introduced it”

Since the first Ride Day in 2007, International Female Ride Day has grown in popularity each year. Women from the world over – United States, France, Canada, Australia, Qatar, Greece, Italy, Russia, The Netherlands, The UK, Israel, South Africa and many more – celebrate this event and “Just Ride” in unison, on the first Friday in May. 

International Female Ride Day is supported by the motorcycle and motorsport industry’s key brands as well as prominent associations/federations including the FIM - Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme in Geneva, Switzerland.

If you want to join in and want any more information here's a link to the facebook page


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