Monday, 25 March 2013

Honda Announces the New LEAD125 Scooter in Vietnam

Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd in Hannoi, announced on March 22nd, the release of the LEAD125, a new liquid-cooled 125cc single-cylinder scooter.

The LEAD125 is equipped with a liquid-cooled 125cc enhanced smart power single-cylinder engine, which incorporates low-friction technology and an idling stop system, both of which greatly improve fuel economy. It also uses a Programmed Fuel Injection system which delivers stable engine performance.

Other features

Underneath the seat there is a large thirty-seven litre 'boot' space with the capacity to store two full-face helmets. Meanwhile, LEDs adopted for the tail and position lights make the vehicle highly visible. The fuel lid and seat are opened through use of a rocker switch added to an easy-to-reach combination switch operated by the main key.

Lots more features...

The scooter features a lot of new features to make it easier to use, including the addition of a clock and illuminated pointers in the LCD meters. As a scooter that brings together running performance and practicality, the LEAD125 is a very versatile machine.

Honda Vietnam will produce 200,000 units of the LEAD125 annually which will intially be sold in Vietnam, and then they expect to start exporting them to Japan in early summer. These activities will make Vietnam the fourth Asian country to provide global production and export, following China, Thailand and India, as it takes on an important role in Honda's global business.

Information from the Honda Press Office 22nd March


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