Thursday, 24 January 2013

TT Legends & Grand Prix Racer, coming soon on ITV4

There are a couple of new televisual highlights coming up for motorcycle fans in February on ITV4!  One is a documentary series about motorcycle TT racing which does what it says on the tin - details the 'behind the scenes world' of the TT  - from the viewpoint of the Honda TT Legends Team.  TT Legends is an eight-part series which will debut on ITV4 at 8.30pm on Monday 4th February, 2013.

 The other treat is a one-off documentary called 'Grand Prix Racer' which was filmed during the 2012 Manx Grand Prix, and gives an in-depth insight into this famous and gruelling race.   Grand Prix Racer will air on Tuesday 5th February at 8pm so don't let the two-for-one pizza in the pub tempt you out on Monday or Tuesday in early February, sit back and enjoy the ride!

TT Legends


The team
This film was made by Gaucho Productions, who were given exclusive access to the Honda TT Legends team during the tough 2012 season.  The film crew followed the racers, both out on the track and between races, as they competed in the World Endurance Championship and raced in the Isle of Man TT, the NW200, the Le Mans 24-hour and the Suzuka 8-hour.

The documentary team followed them when they were not racing, filming them when they were relaxing and recovering after the races and finding out about these ordinary but extraordinary men.  The series is in-depth and fly on the wall, lasting for eight episodes, and shows all the highs and lows of this dedicated team as they moved through the season, taking on some of the toughest motorcycle races out there.

John McGuinness
John McGuinness AKA 'The Morecombe Missile' who is an ex brickie and mussel picker who obviously fancied a bit of a career change, is in the Honda TT Legends team.  He is famous for winning the Isle of Man TT a staggering nineteen times! Other members of the Team are the Aussie Cameron Donald who has won the TT twice and Simon Andrews who was the fastest newcomer in the TT in 2011 - pretty impressive form for all three racers.

For a preview of the documentary go to:



Grand Prix Racer 

This documentary film was made by Isle of Man based Greenlight TV, of the famous Manx Grand Prix race.  The film was made in the lead up to and during last year's 2012 Manx Grand Prix, so it really tells the story of this race as it is now.

The producer Rob Hurdman said about the film:

"The documentary will provide and interesting and exciting insight into the Manx Grand Prix and the role it plays in real road racing."

The chairman of the Manx Motorcycle Club, Harvey Garton said about the film:

"Grand Prix Racer gives a great insight for both Newcomers planning to participate in the Manx Grand Prix and for the general public to see how much commitment riders give to the challenge of the Mountain Circuit. Greenlight Television has produced this excellent film which successfully draws in the viewer so they feel part of an exclusive racing experience and we think the documentary on ITV4 will reach a new audience interested in competing in and visiting the Manx Grand Prix. We are truly delighted that Greenlight has assisted us in showcasing our impressive event.

We as organisers look forward to welcoming competitors and spectators to the 2013 Manx Grand Prix to help us celebrate our 90th anniversary"

The 2013 Manx Grand Prix 90th Anniversary takes place on Wednesday 28th and Friday 30th August, preceded by the Classic TT on Saturday 24th and Monday 26th.

An extended version of the documentary will be available to buy on DVD from Duke Video from 4th March.

Grand Prix Racer is scheduled for broadcast on ITV4 at 8pm on Tuesday 5 February.

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