Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Small motorcycle sales on the rise in 2012

Suzuki VanVan
The Motorcycle Industry Association have published figures this month (January 2013) which show that there was a further rise in new motorcycle registrations - particularly for small motorcycles and scooters in 2012. The main sellers, for the second year running, were 125cc motorcycles. The MCI attributes this to the fact that this is a great sized bike for commuting because it's economical, great in traffic, easy to park and is accessible to young riders as well.

Motorcycles on the Up


In fact new registrations of bikes between 51-125 cc rose 8.5% in 2012. This fits the trend for smaller motorcycle sales which have been rising consistently since petrol prices went up at the start of 2011.

Bargain bikes

Not only new smaller motorbike sales are up, but smaller second hand motorcycles between 101-125cc have also been selling really well. And in fact this is not only a recent phenomenon, they have been selling better and better for the past ten years.

Honda MSX125

It's a win, win

It's not only the motorcyclists themselves whose quality of life is improved by riding a bike, but all road users benefit enormously from commuters turning to a motorcycle, moped or scooter.  A recent study in Belgium illustrates this fact.  The ACEM (The Motorcycle Industry in Europe) considered the impact of a relatively small shift from cars to motorcycles in a congested city area in Belgium.  From this study they concluded that when only 10% of drivers moved from cars to motorcycles the time wasted in traffic decreased by a huge 40%.  When only 25% of car drivers made the switch to two wheels congestion was eliminated completely!  Seems clear what could help solve urban traffic problems!

Steve Kenward acting CEO of the MCI said:

“The growth of smaller motorcycles and scooters would suggest that more people than ever are commuting on powered two wheelers. This is an exciting trend and something the MCI has been talking to government about – in helping to solve congestion problems".

The MCI recently met with Transport Ministers to discuss the contribution motorcycles can make in overcoming urban transport congestion. 

The benefits of motorcycles are many:
  • Fuel efficiency: small motorcycles and scooters are more fuel efficient than most cars, with some doing up to 160 mpg.  
  • Parking: this is often free for motorcycles and it is usually much easier to find a parking space for a motorcycle.
  • Economy: road tax is lower and there are no congestion charges or work place parking levies for motorcyclists.

The trend is positive

Steve Kenward is optimistic that the market will continue to be strong for 2013, saying:

 “We are looking forward with confidence to another year of growth in the urban sector and are expecting an increase in sales of larger capacity machines as well, as confidence returns to the economy”.

Get On and have a go!

For those who are interested in the benefits of motorcycling and want to see if it's for them - the industry sponsors a programme called 'Get On' which allows anyone over the age of 16 to try a motorcycle or scooter for free in a safe controlled environment with qualified instructors. So if you want to have a go book a free trial and see how you get on!



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