Thursday, 24 January 2013

Proposed motorcycle ban on French mountain passes

There's a move afoot in France to ban access to some of the high mountain passes in the Vosgi to motorcyclists during weekends.  

Alain Perret, who is Prefect of the Lower-Rhine region in France, wants to bring this measure in on most of the Vosges mountain passes during weekends. These are the mountains which pass between Nancy and |Strasbourg and over into Germany and attract a lot of tourists to the region.  The only high passes which will be exempt from this proposed law are:  Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, Bonhomme and Bussang.

Climb ev'ry mountain


The French Federation of Motorcyclists have already made a complaint against this proposal as it will obviously affect freedom to ride for tourists visiting the area and local riders who want to ride into the mountains at weekends.  

Ain't no mountain high enough


It is not clear how this ban would be workable for local motorcyclists? Would they need a local permit so that they could ride the passes if they needed to cross the mountains to visit relatives or go for a ride for pleasure at the weekend? It is also not clear how the ban would be enforced, would there be check points to monitor motorcyclists at weekends? 

It remains to be seen whether this proposed measure will get through as it looks likely to be a tad controversial and is already being resisted by French motorcyclists!

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  1. Its a bit sad really. The crackpot Prefects (or at least some of them) have some strange ideas,and the power to implement them. Maybe this might not come to fruition. Another one is that the Mayor responsible for Paris has proposed that all 'older' vehicles be banned from the city. By old he means bikes made before 2000, so I couldn't take my dirty fume belching 1994 Transalp into the city,or even onto the periferique ! I think these people have too much time on their hands !!!