Monday, 10 December 2012

Ten Tors Motorcycle Road Trial

Last weekend saw the Ten Tors Road trial take place in the beautiful green Devonshire countryside starting at Littlehempston near Totnes.  The event is a fun road trial which happens annually in Devon, and attracts one hundred and seventy-five riders of mixed ages and abilities from all over the UK, riding anything from classic to modern off-road motorcycles.

Riders aim to travel between stages cleanly without picking up any penalty points - you can gain a maximum of five penalty points for each stage.  The next part of the event which the riders have to complete is a Special Test which is a lap of the indoor track at the Wheeldon Off Road Centre - the rider who completes the fastest lap of the Test Centre and has the least penalty points out on the road is the winner of the event.

That's life!

This year the event was won by a local rider, Nick Life who just pipped Gary
Marsman to the post by clocking up a faster time on the Special Test although both riders had a penalty free ride out on the road.  This is a pretty impressive result considering the nature of the course and the slippery hills it includes!



What Katy did

This year two women riders entered the Ten Tors Road Trial, one of them being twenty-one year old Katy Bullock.  Katy showed her skill by gaining a Second Class Award in the trial and the ninth fastest lap time of the day in the Test Centre.  She also only gained six penalty points from the racing, out of a possible seventy, which gave her a very credible event score.  Katy got her first award for motorcycling at the age of fifteen when she achieved European Junior Ladies Trials Champion.  She trains on a Husqvarna WR125 and Sherco Trials bike, competing in motocross and more recently on tarmac.  It's nice to see women competing off-road and Katy has ambitions to do even better next year.

After the race Katy said:

"I love this event. I did it for the first time last year and finished up forty something. To get such a high finish this year is amazing. I was 'clean' until the last few stages and dropped a few silly points but overall I'm really happy with my result. The main thing about the Ten Tors is how much fun it is, all the competitors look out for each other, the atmosphere is great and there are lots of laughs along the way. The hill climb is mega, you've got to really commit to it and it's so funny to watch I can't wait to come back next year, I believe I have a top ten finish in me!"


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