Thursday, 13 December 2012

EU drops proposed new motorcycle Road Worthiness Test

From a press release from the FIM:

EU proposals for a new more comprehensive MOT might now be put on hold and not applied to motorcycles after all, for the next five years at least. The new Europe-wide ‘Super MOT’ or Road Worthiness Test (RWT), has already been rejected by France, Sweden and Holland.

RWT abandoned for now

The proposal for a new more stringent MOT was first put forward by the EU parliament in October but it has been under discussion since then, the latest meeting about it being on the 3rd of December.

In a surprise move at that meeting in Brussels, the EU Council representatives decided to delete motorcycles from the proposed new Directive on technical inspections.

As time goes by

Written into the draft is a requirement to review the situation regarding mopeds and motorcycles in five years time. But, the EU member states have clearly stated that they don’t see the need for technical inspections of mopeds and motorcycles with the published draft.

FIM CEO St├ęphane Desprez said: 

“This has been a controversial issue for many years. Some riders are used to technical inspections being part of the law as this has been done in many countries for a long time. Others have no tradition of this. It is further complicated by the fact that many enthusiasts own more than one motorcycle or scooter. If the testing is expensive this becomes a large bill every year if all the bikes are kept on the road.

The research underpinning this proposal was conducted by one of the testing institutes, and is contradicted by other studies on accident figures due to technical failures.  This explains why its conclusions were weakened when reviewed by the European member states. If and when the issue is discussed again in five years it will need more careful scrutiny.”

The future directive will not affect the situation of countries that have this system at national level, examples being the UK and Italy.  


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