FREEDOM – Giving back the feelings of independence through riding a motorcycle, thereby empowering individuals with the right of choice and equality, so that they can experience the passion and emotions that riding brings.

ACHIEVEMENT – Showing people that you can achieve great things when you believe you can, that you have a huge resource of power, courage and bravery inside you, to make the impossible into the possible and improve self-confidence.

EVOLUTION – Bringing together able-bodied and disabled people so that the established boundaries are broken down and myths of disability are deconstructed on both sides, allowing everyone to ride together, side by side.

The End Result

This is what is achieveable in the words of a Bike Experience rider who had a go at Castle Combe in June 2011:
“After getting back to the pit lane, reaching a whopping 113 mph on my last lap, I had a grin ear to ear under that helmet of mine, which stayed there for days after.”