Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Keep it up your sleeve!

Stay Cool

It's nice to know that Britain is still turning out inventors and innovators who put their minds to solving problems and come up with solutions!

One such person is Martin Warren from Huntley who was featured on radio two's innovations programme last week speaking about his neat invention for motorcyclists.

Feelin' hot hot hot

His now patented invention, grew out of a problem which Martin was experiencing himself while motorcycling in the summer - overheating.  Motorcyclist all look forward to nice sunny days for riding and touring but there is a problem with wearing the right protective gear on a bike - it makes you too hot!

 To quote Martin himself:

"Often when touring myself, and as many other motorcyclists I'm sure are aware, when you're riding for a long time and in the sun, the heat can become unbearable."


So he activated his brain and after 12 months of thinking and trial and error came up with this solution which, like all good inventions, does the job while remaining simple and easy to use.


His invention which he calls Ventz is a small clip-on airvent which you insert into the cuff of your motorcycle jacket sleeve, and which allows a cool regular flow of air to enter your jacket and circulate under your protective clothing.  It is made of special shatterproof material so that it won't smash in the unlikely event of an accident or if you drop it, and this material is also designed to feel comfortable on the skin.

Since he was on the radio, his product has proved so popular that orders have outstripped production and he has easily covered the cost of the product's development. He has had orders from Europe, South Africa, US and Australia - riders in hot countries now love him! There is even a skiing company who are interested in adapting it for ski wear!

Out to Launch

Although Martin's invention has been so successful and his brain is packed full of great ideas he says it will be a while before he attempts to launch another idea as:

"The level of effort and time needed just to get one product to the market is phenomenally high."

That's a shame, but hopefully he will have a go at something else in the not too distant future.

Ventz are manufactured in the UK (another good point!) and retail at £14.99p



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