Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Grant to expand Wheels to Work

It's A Wheely Good Idea

It was announced today that the Motorcycle Industry has been awarded a grant of £50,000 by the Department for Transport (DFT) to 'grow' a national 'Wheels to Work' network.The idea behind the scheme is that some young people, due to where they live and lack of funds, find it difficult to get to work as public transport is always expensive and often non-existent or minimal.

Win Win

The scheme aims to help by providing these young people with two wheeled transport - as it is cheap to run,  versatile and convenient. Young people often say that they can't work or get training as it is physically too hard to get there, so the provision of a scooter, moped, motorcycle or bicycle for their use could make all the difference and give them the independence they need. Although access to public transport is mainly a problem in rural areas - it can also be prohibitively expensive to commute, even in urban areas, so this scheme is a nationwide win win for youngsters.

The grant from the DFT will pay for national coordination of the W2W movement, and help existing schemes which are already running. The idea is for a move towards self-sustainability through links with the public and private sector. The scheme will be put out to local authorities and anyone else who may be interested to join in as a means to get people into work, or training for work, locally.

Having A Brainstorm

Unfortunately this bike won't be available for W2W
All the already existing W2W schemes will be asked if they would like to join an Association whose aim would be to improve the scheme by joining forces to brainstorm the best way to achieve good results and what is, and is not, working so far with a view to following what is successful.

The chairman of the Motorcycle Industry Steve Kenward said:

"Helping young people into employment and training is a priority for the government. MCI is proud to have this facilitating role as these schemes are proven to work where access to transport is the barrier to taking up opportunities. We look forward to helping and supporting W2W programmes in a more structured way and also to continuing dialogue with the Government on Wheels to Work related issues."

The MCI points out that society-wide the benefits are enormous. Raising the self esteem of the participants by giving them the mobility and therefore the independence needed to get a job should have far reaching effects and help to solve problems like social unrest and frustration caused by unemployment.

On Your Bike 

So in the W2W version of the song by Steppenwolf as you leap aboard your W2W scooter you may well be singing:

And just look how easy it is to get around town on 2 wheels
Get your motor running
Head out on the highway

Looking for a...job or training.....! 
And whatever comes our way

It's a really good idea - sounds helpful and it will make people happy, always a good thing!

Happy Days!

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