Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Gene Genie - born to be wild!

Born to Ride 

It's official - the desire to ride a motorcycle is in your DNA there's no escape!

What a great man. NS to be there!
Bennetts the Bike insurance company has done a study into motorcyclists to see if there is a genetic propensity for 'motorcycling' behaviour and they think there is - how cool!


A psychologist participating in the study has theorised that motorcyclists have what is called the NS or "novelty seeking" gene which gives them the tendency for impulsive, risk-taking and exploratory behaviour -oh yes!  

Motorcyclists taking part in the study were asked a series of questions to assess their personality traits and the results showed, pretty conclusively, that a high percentage of them appear to have the NS gene. 

They were asked questions to discern whether they were: risk takers (score of 72%), had a low boredom threshold (score of 71%) and were spontaneous (score of 69%) and all these factors are seen in those with the NS gene! 

Mini Me!

What do you think, do they have the NS gene?

The study also showed that 85% of bikers were encouraged into motorcycling by already addicted-to-biking family members, who probably also have that gene themselves and can't wait to pass on the joy of the open road!  

However, slightly worryingly,  the study also established that 61% of those participating considered their bike to be a family member! Nothing wrong with that...can you hear your bike family member calling from the road outside..."open road...wind in your frontiers...bit risky mmmm do it ride me! Can I come in and watch the telly now WSBK is on" Anyway, moving swiftly on!

Just My Bike and Me

Other fascinating facts which came out in the study revealed that motorcycling really is a lifestyle choice not just a convenient means of getting to work. For example 73% said that their bike defined who they were, 62% said that they couldn't live without their bike and 70% said it was an extension of their personality.

His grandchildren are probably on a motorcycle right now!

Two's Company

Studies on twins show that 60% of personality traits are inherited, so it seems very likely that the NS gene is as well. This fact, coupled with growing up in a motorcycling  environment which reinforces the pleasure of riding a motorbike, means that motorcyclists are very likely to have come from a motorcycling background. 

Ride Baby, Ride!

So it's a plus for motorcyclists to know that their children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy all the benefits, fun and general brilliantness of motorcycling long into the distant future.

 Psychologist Donna Dawson said

 "This reveals that the majority of biking families will be passing on an ‘NS’ gene, which in turn is also being reinforced by an environment in which bikers are setting an example and sharing their love of biking - it’s certainly ‘in the blood’ from what I can see!”

We Band of Brothers (And Sisters)

Amelia Earhart

And what is the likelihood of that, most excellent NS gene, being found in Neil Armstrong, Christopher Columbus, Captain Scott, Florence Nightingale, Bear Grylls, Amelia Earhart, all of the Pilgrim Fathers and of course, Captain Kirk - the illustrious list of great people is endless so motorcyclists are in good company!

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