Monday, 20 August 2012

Raring to Go! The Manx GP practice is starting!

Ready Steady Go!

Things are gearing up for the spectacular Manx Grand Prix as the practice week gets under way and the riders limber up!

The first practice night on Saturday got off to a bit of a bumpy start due to a lack of marshalls on the night.
There were concerns about the Snaefell Mountain Road, as the road had only been reopened on Saturday lunchtime after closure due to a landslide caused by the flooding.

This meant that practice had to be limited to the newcomer's controlled speed lap and in the end about 50 riders took the course about an hour later than the planned start time of 17:20 BST.

Monday Monday so good to me...

Manx man Dan Kneen, amongst many other eager riders, is getting ready for the Manx Grand Prix after a solid performance at Ulster.

He will be riding in the Post Classic Superbike race on a GSX-R750 Suzuki which will be a change and a challenge for him as he hasn't ridden a bike like this before.  The first practice is tonight, Monday 20th, and roads will close at 18:00 BST for the start 20 minutes later - Dan, who is sponsored by Wemoto, says he is looking forward to it!

Dan was happy with his comeback performance at the Ulster Grand Prix after his recovery from a back injury sustained at the Manx TT when his bike made a meaningful connection with a phone box, and was particularly pleased with his great starts to every race. Since then he has been out on the Manx bike getting fit and has been up at Jurby testing some new parts for the Superbike.

Rainy Days and Mondays

This summer the Isle of Man has suffered under the heaviest recorded summer rainfall since records began in 1947.The island's Met Office has released the latest rainfall figures between June 1st and last Friday August 17th and it is a deep, welly-requiring, 334mm - no wonder there have been a few teething troubles as the practice race sessions get going! Let's hope that we will have a beautiful sunny fortnight of racing from now on - don't miss it, and catch the fantastic Festival of Jurby at the weekend - which also has Wemoto as a sponsor!

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