Tuesday, 28 August 2012

All's going well at IOMGP despite 'damp patches'

In the end on Saturday...

Despite dire weather,and the usual 'damp patches' and 'poor visibility' warnings - the newcomers races on Saturday went ahead only an hour later than scheduled - pretty amazing considering the threatening fist of weather hanging over the Island earlier in the day.

As is usual on the Isle of Man - some motorcycling history was made on Saturday by a newcomer Kamil Holan, who became the first rider from the Czech republic to win when he triumphed in the Newcomers A race on the Mountain Circuit.  After this came the Newcomers B Supertwin race in which Andrew Dudgeon came a roaring first and the Newcomers C Lightweight was won in great form by James Cowton from Yorkshire.

Sunday - Wemoto at the festival of Jurby

Oh yes amazingly enough the sun smiled on the fabulous Festival of Jurby, it was a lovely day on Sunday and the sun certainly brought out the crowds. There was a great variety of bikes and a great variety of people who had restored them there - a real visual and mechanical treat.

Stand by me

The Wemoto stand was overwhelmed with people, encouraged to come over and have a look and a chat by broadcasts and mentions on the intercom. Everyone was really nice and friendly and the feedback was very positive which was great to hear.

Marks Bloom racer Dan Kneen, sponsored by Wemoto, was there on his 2012 GSXR and he had a ride in the rally - he was even spotted doing a cheeky wheelie on the back straight!

John Barton's bike was parked by the Wemoto stand until he rode off on it for his turn in the rally.

It was really nice for Wemoto staff to have the chance to get up close and personal with the bikes and see those little touches which make the bikes unique and bring the riders luck - for example the Duck drawn on John's GSXR750 and the sprig of flowers taped behind the clocks on Mick Godfrey's green Kawasaki.

It was also great for Wemoto staff to get talking to lots of existing customers. There were people there from all over the world and it's nice to know that in some cases we're quicker to deliver than our customer's local suppliers!

Rainy days and Mondays, again...

Monday's race was cancelled due to bad weather - 'it absolutely tipped it down' - but hopefully that means it will all have been used up and there will be less rain for the rest of the week!

One highlight for Wemoto staff who are over on the Isle of Man now was when they took a car round the track to get a look at the corners, the scenery was fantastic but soon after their lap, parts like the Hairpin were closed because of flooding so they just made their scenic tour in time.

The races were due to start again at 11.30 BST on Tuesday (today) with the concurrently run 3500cc/250cc Classic Grand Prix followed by the Manx Grand Prix.

The Marshal Plan

The Isle of Man TT Marshals association is currently appealing for marshals - preferably anyone with any experience - as rain looks likely to be affecting further racing thoroughout the week and 500 marshals are needed for each race to maintain safety.  The problem is that racing may have to go ahead on Thursday, due to races having been postponed because of bad weather on Monday and Wednesday, and by then many of the existing marshals will have gone.

So if you fancy a spot of marshalling contact the Isle of Man Marshals association at the TT Grandstand.

More on the Isle of Man when our roving reporter gets back and some nice pictures to come.


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