Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Bond On a Honda

James Bond has always had weird and wonderful exotic and groovy vehicles to drive, with lots of bizarre modifications, and this year's new 23rd Bond film Skyfall is no exception - and guess what his latest ride is? it's a Honda motorcycle!

The new film is due to come out in October this year and opens with Daniel Craig as a craggy Bond looking stern astride a Honda CRF 250R.  The story starts with an opening chase scene through the narrow twisting maze of streets in Istanbul and Adana in Turkey.

Biking after the Baddie!

This initial chase sequence sees Bond in hot pursuit of a baddie on his bike, which is suitably distressed to look 'local'.  These scenes were filmed on a Honda CRF 450R. Two CRF 450Rs were supplied by Honda for the faster scenes as they are more powerful and could keep up with the speedy stunts better than the CRF 250R.  The film crew were also on Honda CRF 450R bikes as they were the only things which could keep up!

A Quality Performance

The stunt coordinator Gary Powell chose Honda to provide the bikes for the film because he says:

“We needed a highly versatile and quality off-road motorbike that could be easily modified, without compromising performance or safety, for the opening sequence of Skyfall."

“Honda’s CRFs are probably the best off-roaders out there so it’s great that we’ve been able to partner with Honda as the bikes, whilst heavily modified, were superb to work with.”

The Boy Honda

As well as the two CRF 450R's used in the faster action parts of the film, Honda also provided 20 CRF 250R's to be beaten and bashed into lookee likee local turkish bikes and used as the Bond Honda's ride during the film.

Bond in Motion at Beaulieu

The Bond Hondas used in the new film were unveiled today, 17 July 2012, at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, Hampshire.  They are part of the new Bond In Motion exhibition which has just opened and runs until December 2012, displaying and cataloguing the amazing vehicles which have featured in the last 50 years of Bond's adventures, with the most loved 50 vehicles actually on show.  Sounds like a great opportunity for a little glimpse into the weird and wonderful world of Bond with the largest collection of Bond vehicles ever seen in one place. Follow the links for more information...



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