Friday, 29 June 2012

Rolling Through The Isles

On the road again

Ted Simon, Motorcycling road trip pioneer and acclaimed writer of the inspirational book 'Jupiter's Travels' is back in the UK this summer for the launch of his latest book 'Rolling Through The Isles'.

Back in Blighty

Ted Simon has returned to Blighty this month (June) in what is a bit of an annual migration for him when, swallow-like, he flies to the UK in the summer.  This year he is here to promote his new book 'Rolling Through The Isles'.  'Rolling Through the Isles' was released on the 7th June and charts Ted's latest autobiographical journey which took him around Britain, rediscovering his old hitchhiking routes, reliving D-Day in Cornwall and visiting the haunts of his youth.

Simply equipped at the outset with his motorbike, toothbrush and a credit card he set off to discover what was old and what was new in Britain today, but even he eventually succumbed to a sat nav to guide him through the labyrinthine modern British road system.

Jupiter rising

Ted Simon is famous for inspiring a generation of motorcyclists with his first book 'Jupiter's Travels'. This book starts from his decision to learn to ride a motorcycle at the age of 42 in 1973 and follows him aboard his trusty 500cc Triumph Tiger on an epic 50 country, 63,000 mile, four-year journey around the globe.

The journey and the book which came from it 'Jupiter's Travels' were one of the first of their kind and said to have inspired Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman's 'Long Way Round'  motorcycle journey - in fact Ted Simon was even flown out to appeared in one of their programmes when they reached Mongolia. 


Life is but a dream

True to his enquiring, adventurous and restless nature Ted Simon took to the road again when he was 70 and did the whole original trip again on a BMW covering a mere 59,000miles and 50 countries again and this second trip is chronicled in his book 'Dreaming of Jupiter'

In the flesh

If you would like to meet and listen to this fascinating and original adventurer in the flesh he is in the UK at the moment promoting his new book and his 'Jupiter Foundation' which he formed to help people to travel  and to do something helpful for the world with what they learnt and saw on their way.

Ted Simon's July Itinerary:

5-7th July - He will be at the Horizons Unlimited Summer Travellers' Meeting near Ripley in Derbyshire. He'll be giving a talk on Saturday 7th in the evening

11th July - He will be at the ABR Night of Adventure in Stratford-upon-Avon giving a talk

He was also on Radio 4's Saturday Live programme on June the 16th if you want to listen on catch-up

His new book 'Rolling Through The Isles' was published by Little Brown on June 7th

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