Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Team 'Past it' to race at IOMTT

 Pensioner Power

Some of the World's fastest TT racers have a couple of challengers this year. Two pensioners who sold their croft in Aberdeenshire in Scotland in order to buy a high performance 600cc superbike with a sidecar are entering the Isle of Man TT this month. 

Robin (74) and Annette (62) Daykin sold up eight years ago after a lifetime of farming, but decided retiring was not for them so they bought a Royal Enfield motorcycle with a sidecar and began taking part in classic bike races. Soon though, obviously feeling under-stimulated, the dynamic duo upgraded to a Yamaha 600cc R6 Superbike and decided it was time to take on the Formula Two circuit.

Two for TT

After racing at various tracks since they developed their taste for speed, they have been involved in various thrills and spills. Mrs Daykin took a tumble out of her sidecar in 2008 at Scotland's East Fortune track and Mr Daykin, despite having 'a bit of a rough time' with prostate cancer, followed by a broken neck from a racing accident in Wales - was back on the road 12 weeks after the accident! Nothing seems to put Team Past it off and taking afternoon TT clearly has a whole different meaning for these two than your average pensioner!

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