Thursday, 3 May 2012

Motorcycle Metropolis

Nearly all the candidates in the mayoral election are behind motorcycling as one of the solutions to the capital's transport problems. Both Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone are enthusiastic about motorcycling and have shown their support in the policies that they have introduced. Ken Livingstone exempted motorcycles and scooters from congestion charge when he was Mayor, in an attempt to get commuters to choose a motorbike instead of a car when coming to work, and has promised to keep that policy in force if he gets elected.  Boris Johnson has confirmed his policy to let motorcycles use bus lanes on the Transport for London Road Network as a practical measure to help motorcyclists move thorough London more easily and safely and keep traffic flowing smoothly.

Clean and Green

Boris Johnson, is particularly in favour of electric motorcycles as part of his green vision for London calling it the potential "electric vehicle epicentre of Europe".  All the candidates understand that parking is also an issue for motorcyclists and many have promised to provide more parking spaces and to try to reduce or do away with parking charges for motorcyclists in an attempt to make life easier.


Boris Johnson has also put forward his BikeSafe and ScooterSafe schemes which are a collaboration between the motorcycle industry, the police and Transport for London and are researching ways in which motorcyclists can be encouraged to enjoy riding in London and safety improvements can be made.


Motorcycling is a very productive industry for the UK generating £7 billion a year in income and providing jobs for 60,000 people. It also takes cars off the streets and improves traffic flow on busy routes through the capital and in all major cities.  Steve Kenward, CEO of the MCI has commented on the mayoral candidates motorcycle policies saying:

 "We are pleased that so many of them recognise the part motorcycling has to play in the provision of an integrated transport plan for London"  "motorcycles are just as legitimate as walking, cycling and public transport as forms of alternative transport"

Summer in the City

Although there is still a long way to go for motorcycling in all UK cities, the competition between the mayoral candidates to provide a proper integrated transport policy with a real provision for motorbikes is a very hopeful one. The future looks brighter for city riding this summer.

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