Thursday, 10 May 2012

Isle of Manhole

Mastic fantastic

A company called R&B UK JT has linked up with Michael Rutter of British Superbike fame to promote their new product to improve motorbike safety. The unromantic seeming, but sound product, is a new motorbike friendly manhole cover!  Slippery manhole covers are the bane of motorcyclists lives - especially in the icy winter months or when it is wet.  They make braking difficult and can lead to skids and accidents. Recently motorcycle action groups have put pressure on manufacturers in the industry to try to solve this problem and it looks as though this company might have come up with a solution. The newly developed Tuftac cover embeds a special mastic asphalt (MA) onto the cover before it is laid on the road so that traction is much better for bike wheels and because it is recessed it doesn't wear out so quickly.

Oh Man

The company is having talks with the Isle of Man as, at the moment, they have to cover up all their manhole covers every year for the race and then send gangs out to remove them again afterwards. R&B UK JT are hoping that if they can come to an agreement they will be able to remove the existing covers and frames and replace them with these as a long term permanent solution.

Never a slip

Meanwhile back on the road these covers will make bad weather riding about town much safer for the ordinary motorcyclist which is what we like to hear!

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