Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Get On and go to San Marino

Are you going to San Marino....?

If, like Mr Toad, you like the joys of the open road but have never got round to taking your bike test, or perhaps even having a go on a motorbike, now is a good time to start. Red Dwarf actor Danny John-Jules is looking for three people to join him on a journey from London to the San Marino Motogp in Misano, Italy  in September this year. The only criterion is that you must not already hold a motorbike licence!

The trip is being organised by MotoVentures' Challenge 125 and the training will be provided free by the Get On campaign. You'll get two free paddock passes, £125 to spend on the way and a free motorbike, jacket, helmet and gloves - what a way to start riding on the trip of a lifetime!

Try before you buy

Tempted at all? If you think this might be for you but have never tried motorcycling before then the Get On industry campaign has 200 training centres across the UK (check it out at where they are offering free one hour taster sessions. Fully qualified instructors and all the necessary equipment are provided and there is no obligation to take it further if you decide it's not for you so there is nothing to lose.

If you love it and wonder what took you so long, then you can start by taking the basic training course and find a way to get some practice in - either by buying some wheels or hiring some. It's a good idea as well to get your theory test under your belt early on.

After that there are two practical tests to choose from, and so that you can ride a larger bike when you do pass, it's best to choose a category 'A' licence. Once you pass you can ride a bike (restricted to 33bhp) for two years and then, after your probationary period, whatever bike takes your fancy!

Now is the time

Its a good time to pass your test now, as from January 2013 the test is changing. The categories after that date will be split into light (A1), medium (A2) and unlimited (A) class so if you want to ride a more powerful bike you will have to take a test on that category of bike, this is similar to the current direct access route.  If you pass before January then you won't be affected by the rule change.

Summer's coming...yes really

Also - although it's hard to believe - summer IS coming and the rain WILL stop one day and it will be LOVELY out on the road in the sunshine soon so give motorcycling a try if you haven't already. If you are already a motorcyclist pass this on to your friends who are not, and they can join you for a motorcycling summer of fun or even ride to San Marino! Don't forget if they get selected for the Motogp trip they get TWO free paddock passes so they can take you along free!

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