Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Possible Tolls on UK Roads

Tolled you so

The government have recently announced plans for a possible sell off of the main, most well used roads in the UK to private companies. There are fears that if this goes ahead then road users will be asked to pay tolls to use the roads. If this does happen then yet again it will be an advantage to be a biker! If you are on a bike you can get down the road quicker and wiggle through that traffic, doing more miles per gallon than your stationary car-bound fellow road users. Tolls, if there are any will be lower for motorcycles than for cars and in a lot of cases it is even free for bikes where cars have to pay – for example the Dartford crossing and the Tamar Bridge are already free thanks to campaigners! In some capital cities bikes are allowed to use bus lanes as well which makes life easier but make sure you know which ones – check carefully!
So if this legislation does go through spare a thought for the poor old car driver as you pass them in a traffic jam and head for the open road knowing that you are probably only paying half what they are to use the same road!

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