Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Old Bill

A real bit of motorcycle history the Brough Superior or 'Old Bill' is coming up for auction in October 2012 and can be viewed this weekend (April28-29th) at the Carole Nash International Classic Motorcycle show at Stafford Showground. This particular 1000cc side-valve V-Twin bike has amazing provenance. It was built in 1922 and raced at Brooklands circuit recording the first 100mph lap and V-Twin win.  George Brough rebuilt the bike (when he came out of hospital after a front-tyre blowout!) using a JAP engine, and gave the bike its enduring nickname 'Old Bill'.
'Old Bill' was damaged during WW2 when a cast-iron bath fell on it through the ceiling above (even its accidents had character!) and was eventually bought by the founder of the British Vintage Motorcycle Club 'Titch' Allen.  He set about restoring it to its 1923 specs' even equipping ‘Old Bill’ with a sidecar so he could enter the occasional sprint with his wife Sue as passenger.  'Old Bill' has had a quiet few years since then resting in the Nottingham Industrial Museum, but is now emerging like an old celebrity, back into the world to meet his public. The expected value of this icon of motorcycle history is £250,000 - £270,000 so if you want to add it to your collection or just view a beautiful piece of pre-war craftsmanship and skill go to Stafford this weekend and have a look!

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