Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Kicks On Route 66

David Royle proves in his new book 'Now I Can Call Myself A Biker' that it is never too late to learn to ride a bike. David grew up in the Cotswolds in England and decided, at the age of 47, to learn to ride a motorcycle. In this,  his first book, he charts his progress through all the stages of learning to ride a bike and then details his trip (perhaps inspired by Jack Kerouac, only motorbike-styley) across America. He ventured out onto Route 66 in an attempt to give himself a shortcut to all the motorcycling experience which he had missed from being a later starter and travelled along that famous road savouring the weather and the people and places he met along the way. It's nice to see someone coming fresh to motorcycling and having such an uplifting and positive take on it - despite taking it up a little later in life than usual!
David Royle: “Let’s face it, in this day and age with all its electronic, technological wizardry, riding a motorcycle is one of the few pleasures left in life.”

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